Monday, January 7, 2019

Islam Is Islam, Irrespective of Sect

January 6, 2019 By Amil Imani

The various Muslim sects subsumed under the Sunni label constitute nearly 90% of Muslims worldwide, while the total number that form the Shiite sect account for the remaining 10%. The exact number, all things being equal, bestows greater advantages to the majority. In the case of Muslims' heinous agenda, the religious underpinnings of the two sects may be different. Even their strategies may be different in some respects. Yet their singular objective is the same: to dominate the world.

History has proven that to Islam, the ends justifies the means. Hence, the two sects are at work with their own schemes, many of which are one and the same. The division goes back to the time of the prophet himself. Shiites believe that the enemies of true faith subverted its chain of authority at Muhammad's death. Sunnis believe that when the prophet Muhammad died, he did not leave any tangible proof of a will for his followers to enforce his Ummah.

Immediately after Muhammad's death, his Islam started to fracture. Islam became "Islams" and continues to fracture to this day............There is ample evidence that America is under an unrelenting attack of both Sunnis and Shiites.  It is disastrous to discount the threat they pose or underestimate the danger from either sect............When our elected officials decide to make new laws, they should have in mind our national interests first.  They should realize that foreign laws such as sharia will never be compatible with our Constitution or our way of life............ Read more

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