Monday, January 7, 2019

Congress 2019: Why The Future May Be Female, But These Ideas Are Filled With Ignorance, Stupidity & Danger!

Kevin McCullough Posted: Jan 06, 2019

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is “really proud” of the incoming class of Congressional “members.”  She is just super-pumped about the future of women in the elective bodies.
And why shouldn’t she be? Aside from cussing like sailors, rave-worthy high school dance skills, and members who failed geography in school, one who married her brother and evidently neither lived through the Jimmy Carter malaise nor ever read anything about it in what has passed for public education since then, she’s got some real gems to deal with.

Not to be out done the newly elected Senator from Arizona is now evidently a fashion icon, while another female member of that body wants you to wait while she goes to retrieve a beer, only to chug it while attempting to look natural.

For runner-up there is also a never-Trumper who got to the Senate and seems as insolent and moody as any of my sister’s high school friends but Willard Romney can’t be in that caucus because “technically” he’s a “republican” and also “technically” male (though I’m unsure if we’re allowed to say he is anymore.)  Among the greatest achievements of these “Wonder Women” in just their first week?............To Read More....

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