Thursday, January 10, 2019

Cliff notes on the Mainstream Media: Trump hates people, and he's a racist!

By Rational Db8

When he makes clear statements of empathy, it can't possibly be real and is clearly fake because Trump hates people - he's proven that by not giving in to what we want. He's a racist because it so happens that the border where we have the biggest illegal immigration problem is with Mexico, so the majority of illegals are Hispanic, and that makes him racist because he's not willing to let them continue flooding our borders and sucking down our citizen's resources.

Worse, he's sowing fear by stating actual facts. His facts aren't facts because we don't like them, and they don't fit our opinions.

Trump's stupid. And racist.

He never compromises, refuses to be bipartisan. We'll portray his offers of compromise out of context as him simply being inconsistent, the hallmark of a bad person, being all inconsistent like that! He refuses to offer the "compromise" WE want, even when he's actually done exactly that before and we turned him down. He refuses to offer the other "compromise" WE want, never mind that doing so would directly go against his promises to the electorate which voted for him and put him in office. Never mind that we've refused compromise offer after compromise offer from him.

And did we tell you he's racist?

Trump isn't presidential, but Democrat congressmen who use vastly more vile language are justified, because Trump's not presidential - obviously not since he doesn't give condescending lectures for hours using five syllable words like Obama did (especially when filibustering questions he didn't want to answer).

Besides, Trump's a racist hater and fearmongerer, therefore anything vile said about him, no matter how vile and vulgar, is well warranted. But Trump's not presidential because he sometimes rambles and says things which might sound like "bigly" even when it's really "big league" if you listen closely, so we'll ridicule him as if he said something he didn't say anyhow. So it's fine, GOOD even, to call him a "motherf..ker."

And he hates women too! After all, didn't you hear all the factual things he said about Hillary, Pelosi, and Warren which puts Dems in a bad light?

Clearly, he hates women! And he's racist.

Trump's so unfeeling he wastes valuable precious prime time air giving his first oval office speech after two years in office, thus hurting all the networks, and it's even worse because he did so with a very brief speech rather than a huge long one. What's more, in that speech, which we knew never should have occurred even before he gave it, Trump failed to explain what he clearly just explained in that speech... and the speech should have been MUCH longer, it was far too short. He didn't say it like we think he should have said it, therefore he's a bad man.

Trump lies. We'll tell you that even when we've no facts to prove what we're saying is a lie really is, and there's plenty to show that it's not. We'll cherry pick our data - AND paraphrase his words - to show he's lying, never mind that his literal words and the actual data show that he's quite right or at most very slightly rounding up/exaggerating. Never mind the point he's making is correct - can't have that!

Besides, he's stupid and doesn't do what we want, when we want it. He's a racist woman hater who had the unmitigated gall to actually win the last election over a woman - see, misogynist! - and besides, it's all HIS fault, WHAAAAAAA!!!!!

Oh, by the way, did we tell you he's an unpresidential misogynist racist?

Lather, rinse, repeat.

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