Saturday, January 12, 2019

ABC News throws Bill Clinton under the bus

This Thursday (January 10th) in primetime the unthinkable happened: ABC ran a two-hour special describing what a screw-up, perv, and narcissist William Jefferson Clinton was. A parade of ABC reporters/news folks chimed in, clucking how awful he really was at heart. But isn’t this the network of George Stephanopoulos (the unbiased news anchor), Martha Raddatz (crying on live TV at the loss of Hillary Clinton in 2016), and Chris (the lesser) Cuomo?
  • How can this be?
  • Has the North Pole shifted? 
  • Has the sun darkened?
It was truly hilarious to watch the parade of objective ABC notables solemnly intoning what a reprobate Bill was throughout the Lewinsky fiasco. It raises the question as to where were they in the 1990s when he was apparently molesting and raping his way from Arkansas north to D.C., and jeopardizing U.S. national security along the way (blackmail anyone?)? But it raises the yet even more tantalizing question of what has changed? Why now?.......... To Read More....

My Take - I think this may be easy to understand why, and it appears to me to be two fold. 

First, so much has come out about just stunning level of corruption with the Clinton's they're no longer able to fool (other than the lunatics that cried over her loss) the American public.  As a result, the Clinton's can no longer carry the water for the left.  And since the left has no moral foundation they will turn on a dime to abandon and/or destroy anyone, no matter how much they supported that person or position in the past, when they think it necessary to do so.  

Secondly, I  also believe there's someone in the Justice Department conducting an investigation into the Clinton's clearly criminal behavior, and that may be coming to a head, and they're aware of it.  If that's true, and that happens, it will be politically and publicly stunning and the left will need to create distance between themselves and the Clinton's.  So they're laying foundation for that now. 

No matter what the pundits say there has been serious violations of criminal law by the Clinton's that simply cannot be ignored.

At least that's what I think. 

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