Saturday, August 4, 2018

'Socialism or death' gets creepily literal in Canada

By Monica Showalter August 4, 2018

Under socialized medicine, it doesn't take long to go from suicide as a "choice" to suicide as a pushed "product" to suicide as a murder for bureaucratic "convenience."

Over in Canada, it's gotten to stage two.

Roger Foley is a 42-year-old man with a terminal neural disease that makes it nearly impossible for him to move his arms or legs or even speak.  Under Canada's zero-choice socialized medicine, he's gotten absolutely crappy care from a Canadian home care service, one of whose many violations has put him in the hospital for food poisoning, which is where he's at now.

He states that when he complained about the bad service, he was told to go kill himself – politely, of course, since it's the Canadian way.  He's saying "no," and now there's a lawsuit to force the Canadian socialized medical system to allow him some choice as to how he's going to manage his own care, given the failures of the bureaucrats who chose for him.  Obviously inspired by the Charlie Gard dilemma in the U.K., the bureaucrats are fighting back, determined to ensure he gets the substandard quality of medical care he's already gotten, with the only "out" in suicide.

A great deal for them, you see.

Here is how one expert described the problem, according to CTV a few months ago:............Read more

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