Monday, August 6, 2018

Individual Rights and the Nation-State Law

By Saul Goldman August 5, 2018
Accepting sensible differences of opinion is essential in a democracy.  People living in a democracy often do not get their way.  For example, many became incensed over the fact that the Israeli Parliament passed the Nation-State Law.  While denying no one's rights, the new law does make it clear that only Jews have a right to national self-determination (as opposed to individual freedom) within Israel.  Arabs and other minorities must go elsewhere to build their own nation-state.

The apocalyptic hysteria that has ensued in the wake of the Nation-State Law does invite reflection about the nature of rights and leftist ideology.  What exactly, does a "right" imply?  How does one get a right?  Is it an entitlement distributed by the government, or is it earned?  Some rights are fundamental, as Jefferson so magisterially stated, and are derived from "nature and nature's God."  In other words, they are inherent................Read more

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