Sunday, June 3, 2018

MSNBC Hires Obama Advisor Who Admitted to Creating an "Echo Chamber" With the Media

Timothy Meads @timmy_meads  Jun 02, 2018

Well, at least one could make the argument that MSNBC is now somewhat honest with their slogan, "This Is Who We Are." The station that is oft criticized for its left-leaning views and distorted news has hired a former advisor to President Obama, Ben Rhodes, as a political contributor. In 2016, Rhodes willfully admitted that he took advantage of the mainstream media's lack of depth and pushed forward faulty, but positive, narratives regarding the Iran nuclear deal. In other words, "Who the mainstream media was" during that time was nothing but a cabal of de facto mouthpieces for the Obama administration because of the inability or unwillingness to challenge the administration's talking points............Rhodes, a former novelist, is literally bragging about how the mainstream media stinks at its job. Now, that same mainstream media gleefully claps as he joins their programs. ...........To Read More..... 

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