Thursday, June 7, 2018

There Is Nothing Liberalism Won’t Ruin

Derek Hunter Jun 07, 2018

In a perverse way, it’s a skill, really. Just not a skill anyone would want. A reverse Midas touch; a jinx, if you will. Whatever you want to call it, liberals have an incredible ability ruin everything, and they’re on the job 24/7.

Remember when you could watch a TV show or go to the movies and not have to be bombarded with left-wing political messages, either blatant or subtle? When you were entertained by entertainment and you went to church if you wanted to be preached to. That’s not the case anymore.

The “progressive” church is politics, political correctness their gospel, and government their God. And like 7/11, they never switch off the lights.Hollywood have been overrun by leftists for years, so a liberal message in their products is almost second nature now. But other areas of entertainment had been left alone. Not anymore......To Read More....

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