Saturday, June 2, 2018

The West’s Role in the Shah’s Overthrow

Ardavan Khoshnood and Arvin Khoshnood Middle East Quarterly Summer 2018 Volume 25: Number 3 June 01, 2018

On January 16, 1979, Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, who had ruled Iran for nearly thirty-eight years, left the country in the face of a nationwide popular revolution—never to return. Shortly after his departure, it became known that the deposed monarch suffered from advanced cancer, and on July 27, 1980, he passed away in Cairo, at age sixty.............

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in exile in Paris. According to a Russian security officer, the KGB believed that the CIA supported Khomeini through Iranians living in the United States. One of these was Ibrahim Yazdi, a U.S. citizen who became the first foreign minister of the Islamic Republic.

Thus, for example, Alexandre de Marenches, former head of the French External Documentation and Counter-Espionage Service, claims to have warned the shah that President Carter was determined to overthrow him. He recalled having “mentioned to the shah the names of those in the United States who had been given responsibility of seeing to his departure and replacement” and having also informed the monarch of his participation “in a meeting where one of the questions for consideration was, ‘How is the shah’s departure to be managed, and by whom shall he be replaced?’”

Gen. Wesley Clark, former NATO supreme allied commander Europe, revealed in an interview that Carter had sent Gen. Robert Huyser to Tehran in early January 1979 to persuade the Iranian military not to intervene in support of the shah. According to Clark:
The [Iranian] generals tried to warn the Americans; they said be careful, you’re playing with fire, and you're going to let Ayatollah Khomeini come back in. We sent in an American general, over to tell the Iranian generals to back off. So, for about 60 days we kept the military from intervening in Iran.
Carter himself supports this, stating: “He [Huyser] had dissuaded some of its [the Iranian military] leaders from attempting a coup.”..........To Read More....

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