Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Levin: Progressivism and Constitutionalism Can’t Function Together – ‘They’re Oil and Water’

By Gavi Greenspan June 4, 2018

Getting along with progressivism would necessitate surrendering constitutionalism, radio host Mark Levin said on his nationally syndicated radio talk show program Friday. The two can’t function together – “There is no way for progressivism and constitutionalism to function together in harmony,” stated Mark Levin. “They’re oil and water,” Levin continued later, “which is why the early intellectual progressives blasphemed the Declaration of Independences and its principles, blasphemed the founders of this country.”.................“When I hear it said can’t we get along in politics? Can we do something in a bipartisan way? For us to get along with progressivism is for us to surrender constitutionalism. It’s to surrender the Declaration of Independence........So, the nation they created is a nation that is so defective, so devoid of morality and principles, that it is to be replaced. “And replaced with what? Well, to be replaced with progressivism. Well, what is it? Well, we don’t know exactly...........you can see the cultural rot that results from this because progressivism has no morings. .........To Read More.....

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