Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The ‘fundamental transformation’ of the Democratic Party

Hillary Clinton’s latest excuse for losing the 2016 election is that she is a “capitalist” but that “41 percent of Democrats are socialists….” Sadly, after her closest approach yet to truth, no journalist asked the obvious next question: “Ms. Clinton, if you are a capitalist but your party is rapidly becoming socialist, why don’t you resign from the Democratic Party and urge your fellow capitalism supporters to do likewise?”

In the Iowa caucuses, Clinton eked out a razor-thin 49.9% to 49.6% win over self-described socialist independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. His curmudgeonly candor made Sanders a pied piper for jobless Millennials still living rent-free in their parents’ basement, who liked the idea of government paying their way for a lifetime. They pay no taxes, so why not favor a life of Uncle Sam playing permanent Santa Claus?..........

President Obama’s CIA chief John O. Brennan admitted that he voted Communist in 1976. He is suspected of being one of the leaders of the Deep State coup d’etat attempt to overthrow duly elected President Donald Trump, and is presently a pundit for MSNBC, a.k.a. Marxist-Socialist NBC.

But from 1988 until the present, America’s Communist Party urged “voters to support the Democratic Party,” according to the website Marxists.org. In 2016 the national chair of the Communist Party USA, John Bachtell, urged Progressives to reject the Green Party and cast their ballots for Democrat Hillary Clinton for President............ Read more

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