Friday, May 4, 2018

The Droppings of the Peacock Network

What a rich harvest of phonies.

George Neumayr May 2, 2018

Joy Reid had cybersecurity experts and the FBI investigate her bogus claim of hacking, which is an act of fraud as pathological as Brian Williams falsely claiming a seat on a downed plane in Iraq. NBC put Williams back on the air (albeit on a more obscure perch at MSNBC) even though he never admitted to his lying. Before his return, he gave a phony interview to Matt Lauer in which he continued to cast his tale of stolen valor as a baffling mistake rather than an act of fraud. It was the classic non-apology apology, combining responsibility-dodging psychobabble with tough-sounding but meaningless contrition (he “owned” his mistake and so on).........Reid assured everyone that she has “changed,” though moments earlier she had justified the false hacking claim on “genuinely” thinking herself incapable of such rudeness........

.Reid hasn’t changed. She is the same nasty piece of work she has always been; she will just henceforth direct that nastiness to elite-approved targets..............Brokaw, ever the pompous egomaniac, disputes Vester’s charges by saying that they don’t square with his self-conception of his own wonderfulness: ..................The feathers on the Peacock Network are off and the liberal farce it has become is evident for all to see. Its hosts and guests can tell the most pathetic, panicky lies, never apologize for them, and still turn back up on the air. If it weren’t for double standards, as the saying goes, NBC wouldn’t have any at all............To Read More....

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