Saturday, May 5, 2018

Meryl Streep in line for special Oscar for hypocrisy

The #MeToo movement has struck again, forcing the hand of the Motion Picture Academy, creating the obvious need for Meryl Streep to receive a special Lifetime Achievement Oscar for best performance as a hypocrite. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has voted to expel convicted rapists Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski. Kristopher Tapley and Gene Maddaus report for Variety:.............Read more

My Take - It wasn't that long ago when these weird people were railing against anyone who condemned Polanski in self-righteous rants.  And now?  Welllllll now it's different.....Right?  So why is it different?  Because Hollywood is a leftist enclave and leftism has no stable moral foundation, and like any "now" issue that pops up - they're jumping on the bandwagon irrespective of any moral positions they may have taken in the past.   

They will jump on any new flavor of the day, including something that's diametrically opposed to what they claimed to have believed the day before, and with a total memory loss over their previous history.  Leftism hates history because it exposes their lack of consistency, lack of truth, and a total lack of moral foundation and history exposes their lack of any real sense of what's really right and what's really wrong.  Polanski was a child molester...a pedophile....and did it by drugging that 13 year old girl, and Hollywood went out of it's way to defend him and self-righteously condemn anyone who felt otherwise. 

Hollywood has always been a cesspool of sexual corruption by powerful characters from the very beginning of it's existence.  The term "casting couch" didn't originate with Harvey Weinstein.  That term came into existence decades ago during the early years of Hollywood.  But now Streep and her fellow clowns are shocked....shocked I tell find out this is going on now.....right under their noses.....and they never noticed the stench. 

Get real!

These hypocrites are constantly on the air telling the world what they think about all sorts of things of which they are completely ignorant.  Who are they to tell anyone what to think?

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