Thursday, May 10, 2018

Judicial Watch: Mueller Is Doing All He Can To Destroy Trump 2020

By Michael W. Chapman | May 8, 2018
Commenting on the apparently never-ending Russia "collusion" investigation, Judicial Watch's Chris Farrell said that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is "doing everything he can" to "destroy any possibility of Trump 2020," to "make sure it's a one-term presidency."

Farrell also said that Trump's legal team needs to push back hard against Mueller and legally "challenge" every motion he makes. As for the seeming invisibility of Attorney General Jeff Sessions in regard to Mueller's legal overreach,  Farrell said he could not explain it and does not understand it.   "There's a very grave challenge here," said Farrell on the May 2 edition of Lou Dobbs Tonight. "Mueller is doing everything he can in a political, quasi-legal way to destroy any possibility of Trump 2020. They know he's in office now, they know he’s got a little over two years left, and they will do everything they possibly can to make sure it's a one-term presidency."

 "That's the objective," said Farrell, the director of Investigations & Research at Judicial Watch.   "I think the current moves to have a very aggressive posture to push back on Mr. Mueller is the only way to go because trying to play nice is a losing hand," Farrell added.........To Read More.....

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