Thursday, May 10, 2018

Feel the Bern: Bernie Sanders' Job Guarantee Proposal May Pave One-Way Street to Government Dependence

By Charles Hughes | May 9, 2018 Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will soon announce his Jobs Guarantee proposal. A host of potential 2020 Democratic nominees such as Sens. Corey Booker (D-NJ), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and Kamala Harris (D-CA) have introduced a separate pilot proposal, which would establish a jobs guarantee program in 15 high-unemployment areas in the country for three years. Everyone who applied would be guaranteed a job. While these proposals differ in scale and specifics, the jobs would eventually pay $15 an hour, in addition to other benefits such as health care and paid leave. I recently wrote a column on the difficulties of matching participants with infrastructure jobs due to lengthy review and permitting times, but individual participants would also face dimmer prospects in the long-run.
The generosity of the compensation package offered through the proposals would encourage some people who could have otherwise had low-wage jobs in the private sector.........To Read More....

My Take - Once again - it isn't about jobs, it's about dependence, and once something like this becomes law, it becomes permenant and it becomes GIGANTIC! 

Thank you Bernie, as you and your communist friends in Congress run for President of the United States on the platform of more taxes, more government, more expenditures, gay marriage, legalization of harmful drugs, abortion, the legalization of illegal immigration, and constant capitulation to the mullahs, you will lose. 

However, it's clear some areas of the country will continue to elect the Nancy's, the Maxine's, the Shumer's and you, and that will be a constant reminder to the sane people in America just how insane you and your party really is....if we could only find out what party you really belong to. 

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