Friday, August 11, 2017

Why RINOS Must Go

By Blaine Winship August 10, 2017

The time is long overdue for ridding the Republican Party of the Republicans-In-Name-Only (“RINOs”) populating much of our government. For many decades, they have traveled under the euphemistic but false label of “moderates” as they sided with the liberals/progressives/socialists of the Democratic Party against Republican conservatives who believe in personal freedom, personal responsibility, a limited federal government, and the Constitution of the United States as “We the People” ordained and amended it. To recognize who the RINOs are, appreciate why they must be removed from office, and maximize our prospects for success in this mission, it is worth considering how they came to hold such sway over our politics.

The origins of the Republican schism go back more than a century, to the administration of Theodore Roosevelt, our first “progressive” president and the first to deserve the RINO moniker.

Roosevelt broke ranks with the Republicans who came before by setting the stage for a larger, more intrusive federal government that, among other things, would control entire industries through extensive regulations to be administered by bureaucrats. To pay for this, the progressives -- found mainly within the Democratic Party -- joined with a faction of the Republicans to enact a constitutional amendment allowing the federal government to tax our income, with no cap on the rates of taxation. Over the ensuing decades, progressive presidents -- from Woodrow Wilson to Herbert Hoover to Franklin Roosevelt to Lyndon Johnson to Barack Obama (all Democrats save the RINO Hoover) -- steadily increased the size, reach, and cost of the federal government........

Contrary to the nonsense the so-called mainstream media are pushing, it is not the conservative Republicans and their agenda that will be ousted, but the RINOs, the progressive Democrats, and ............Read more

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