Friday, August 11, 2017

Turncoat McConnell Blames Trump’s Ambition For Do-Nothing Congress

By Andrew West August 9, 2017

The political establishment is running scared right now, and Mitch McConnell’s latest excuse for his own incompetence is staggeringly silly. A message was sent to the federal government when the American people resoundingly rejected democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in favor of Donald Trump back in November 2016: Business as usual in Washington D.C. has come to an end. Trump, for what it’s worth, is likely the most unconventional President of our modern era, and possibly all time. With his political experience minimal, Trump approaches the role of the government much the way any American would, except with a keen eye for how our lawmakers can either promote U.S. business, or sell out their voters to lobbyist and special interest groups............To Read More......

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