Saturday, August 12, 2017

Swimming in the Swamp: Trump bails out Mitch McConnell in AL

by Daniel Horowitz 

Conservatives were on the cusp of a rare Senate victory in next week’s special election to fill the seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in Alabama. With Judge Roy Moore consistently leading the race and Rep. Mo Brooks within striking distance of McConnell/Rove puppet Luther Strange, conservatives were close to knocking off this interim appointed “incumbent” and leaving the establishment without a candidate in the runoff. Yes, for the first time in ages, conservatives would actually be faced with the binary choice of the greater of two goods rather than the lesser of two evils.
And then. In came the much-vaunted Swamp Drainer to unleash the mosquitos from the undrained Swamp. President Trump tweeted the following last night:........To Read More.....

Trump’s defense of HR McMaster is indefensible - The president’s approval rating is well below that of any modern president in the first year of his presidency. Even his base is showing signs of cracking. Trump often complains about all the obstacles inhibiting his success — from the media and Democrats to establishment Republicans and “deep state” administrative officials shooting at him relentlessly. But that is no excuse to self-immolate and step on a grenade, or worse, bring the shooters into his own home base to mow down the president’s most loyal supporters. McMaster is that land mine. It’s time to get rid of that obstacle or risk becoming a lame-duck president. ..........

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