Saturday, August 12, 2017

Senator McConnell: Didn't you promise?

A couple of centuries ago, Napoleon shared his military philosophy in this way:  "Gentlemen. If you're going to take Vienna, take it."  Napoleon would say this to the GOP today: "Republicans, if you promised to repeal and replace, repeal and replace".   We understand that President Trump and Senator Mitch McConnell had an interesting telephone conversation in the last day or two. Based on reports, McConnell reminded President Trump that it's tough to fulfill expectations. Apparently, Trump responded by reminding the Majority Leader that he was the one who created the expectations.  During the last seven years, "repeal and replace" was the theme of just about every GOP campaign. I can't think of one GOP candidate, with the exception of Senator Susan Collins, who actually promised to "tinker" with the law rather than repeal it............ Read more

My Take - The donation promises are going to be kept - but not to the RNC - to the conservative Republican candidates who run against the swamp things in the Republican Congress.

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