Monday, July 10, 2017

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UK General Election Analysis
By Alexandra Phillips and RJ Galliano
While the left hungrily defends anything considered minority, they feel emboldened to attack what have hitherto been majority viewpoints in an increasingly fascistic manner. I don’t know what this new social religion is, nor do I really wish to sign up to it, but I fear it is building a congregation big enough to change the very fabric of our long-established culture..........

Out of Afghanistan?
By Marek Jan Chodakiewicz
To defeat the Islamists in Afghanistan, we should learn how to divide and rule. We must pursue a number of policies that may seem contradictory. First, we should strengthen the royalists, the republicans, and the nationalists not just at the center in Kabul but in the areas where they enjoy the most support: among the ethnic groups, tribes, and clans. Setting the tribes against one another and against various Islamic radicals, reformers, and nationalists formed the basis of Britain’s colonial policy in Afghanistan. Self-paralysis of the Afghans meant safety for the Empire’s policy there. Missing from my list is the liberal democratic orientation as it is naturally absent at this stage of Afghanistan’s development. First things first. We should get rid of the Islamists and, ideally, restore a modernizing monarchy. Then other good things will follow.,,,,

Trump Effect in Denmark: Reinvigorating Nationalism and National Defense
By Taylor Rose
Trump could indirectly make “it easier for us to criticize politicians like Merkel in Germany and the EU. Trump will be able to change the ways we think and act, especially if he succeeds with his proposals of vetting immigrants, profiling, deportations etc. We would, of course, be inspired.” .......

Trump’s New Foreign Policy of “Principled Realism”
By José Azel
The new U.S.-Cuba policy emphasizes our democratic values, but allows for negotiations responsive to the requirements of U.S. national interests.  It is a policy of principled realism. The symbolism of a change to a policy that now embraces our values was richly expressed by U.S. Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart: “We will no longer have to witness the embarrassing spectacle of an American president doing the wave at a baseball game with a ruthless dictator.” ...........

Trump’s ‘Active Leadership’ Reverses Course on Obama’s Cuba Policy
By RJ Galliano
To the Cuban government, I say: Put an end to the abuse of dissidents. Release the political prisoners. Stop jailing innocent people. Open yourselves to political and economic freedoms. Return the fugitives from American justice – including the cop-killer Joanne Chesimard. And finally, hand over the Cuban military criminals who shot down and killed four brave members of Brothers to the Rescue who were in unarmed, small, slow civilian planes.” President Trump,,,,

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