Monday, July 17, 2017

Clinton-Russia Relations Demonstrate Enormous Hypocrisy on Don Jr. Scandal

By Andrew West July 15, 2017

The Russian hoax being perpetrated by the leftist mainstream media has been evolving in bizarre ways this week, and now, a previously released email from within Hillary Clinton’s campaign could bring the entire house of cards crumbling down.

Liberals the nation over have been doing their damnedest to link Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign to the Kremlin. Their hope is to discredit and delegitimize the fairly elected President of the United States with an avalanche of unverifiable rumors and accusations, leading the American people to harbor massive doubts about Trump’s true motives. So far, only malleable millennials sporting “Nasty Woman” shirts and “I’m With Her” bumper stickers have actually fallen for the ridiculous ruse, but that hasn’t stopped the fake news media from cramming this nonsense down our throats anyway.

Now, after Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer has reinvigorated the left’s massive witch hunt, they are facing a bit of their own medicine as the nation is revisiting the Wikileaks email disclosures from the 2016 Clinton campaign and finding damning hypocrisies pertaining to their own Russian hopes.........To Read More......

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