Monday, April 10, 2017

Who are you going to believe? Your Lying Eyes, or Us?

The media dove into that black hole decades ago, we just never had any alternative news sources to be aware of how corrupt they are.  Now the Internet has exposed them for the left wing propagandists they are - and people don't like it. They losing their once captured audience, and they're almost apoplectic over it.  After all these years - it sure is fun to watch.

So much for the media's Putin/Trump election conspiracy.  In spite of the fact there's not one iota of evidence such a conspiracy existed, they beat Hillary's drum to explain her loss and to attempt to undermine and possibly unseat an elected President of the United States they don't like.   And they continue to do so in spite of the fact all the information coming out points to unwholsome collaborations between the Russians and Democrats - not Republicans and certainly not Trump. 

But that's the only tune their  drum can play, and that tune is turning sour, but it's an unending distraction for the Democrats.  Solution ---- Someone from the previous administration needs to be prosecuted for their violations of American law, and especially someone from Hillary's campaign involved with the Russians like Podesta.   

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