Monday, April 10, 2017

Was it Morally Wrong for a Man with an AR-15 to Kill 3 Intruders?

By Gary DeMar April 9, 2017

"Twenty-three-year-old Zach Peters of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, caught three masked burglars breaking into his house one night, and the end result were three shots by Peters from his AR-15, and three dead burglars. The burglars brought two weapons — brass knuckles and a knife — but neither melee weapon fared well against Peters’ rifle. . . . [O]ne of the deceased burglar’s grandfather . . . said the AR-15 made the fight unfair.”

Maybe it was “unfair,” but it was stupid and immoral for the three criminals to break into a house with the intent to do harm.......To Read More....

My Take - It amazes me at some people's thinking.  The grandfather called this a 'unfair fight'.  A fight is a contest, this was a crime, and there can be no rules - or sense of fairness - when confronting criminals in your home.  Just like Assad - they crossed the red line

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