Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Time for John McCain to retire

By J. Marsolo April 11, 2017
John McCain served our country in Vietnam and was subject to horrific torture as a POW. Since then, his career as a Republican senator has been undistinguished, to be charitable. He calls himself a "maverick," primarily because he opposes his own Republican Party.  For example, he voted against the 2001 Bush tax cuts, probably because Bush beat him in the 2000 primaries.

His major legislation, McCain-Feingold, intended to restrict political contributions by corporations and others, was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.   The Dems complain about this in every election because they do not want businesses to contribute to Republicans.

Lately, McCain seems more unhinged than usual..........To Read More........

My Take - Having once been a hero doesn't give someone a pass on the rest of life.  Going back to the Lincoln Savings and Loan scandal  and the Keating Five (Note: McCain and four Democrats, including John Glenn, another American hero.) many years ago I thought - what's wrong with him? 

That was a legitimate question then, but no longer.  The real question should be - What's wrong with Arizona. They must know what a loon he is by now - and yet they keep electing him.  This time he'll be 86 when his term is up.  I'm convinced  no one should be elected to or appointed to public office after 70, and those appointed to life time positions such as he federal judiciary should have to retire.

I'm 70 and I can feel the difference, not only physically but mentally.  I feel I'm smarter, more knowledgeable and better equipt for life than ever, but there's some realities we have to accept about aging.  I don't have the energy to be involved in my industry's affairs any longer, I forget things far too easily, and I find I'm a bit confused on occasion.  Maybe he's not being impacted in this way, but his actions say otherwise. 

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