Monday, April 3, 2017

The Russian Connection

It’s the Democrats who Collude with the Russians
By Steve Baldwin and Scott S. Powell
Are those pushing the Trump/Russian collusion conspiracy living in Alice in Wonderland or what? Accepting this conspiracy narrative requires both the suspension of common sense and the collective amnesia about the history of Democrats’ actions that have earned favor from Soviet and Russian leadership over past decades and right up to the present. Vladimir Putin is shrewd, calculating, and fairly predictable. If he were serious about influencing the outcome of the November 2016 U.S. presidential election, he would not have favored the relatively unknown and impulsive Donald Trump, who had no history of doing favors for Putin or Russia. It is far more likely Putin would have chosen to help Hillary Clinton -- the known, predictable, progressive candidate with a history of helping Russian interests........More

What Democrat will tell the base to throw away their Russian fantasies?                
By Silvio Canto, Jr. 
A few days ago, I was on local Spanish radio talking about politics. The host asked me about Russia meddling in the 2016 elections. I replied with a few points: First, the Russians, or USSR, or the evil empire, as we anti-communists used to call them, have always tried to interfere with elections. That's what "commies" do. They hate people who vote in free elections; and,Second, the Russians had no influence in changing the vote on November 8, unless you want me to believe that Putin didn't know that California, Illinois, Virginia and New York were part of the Union. In other words, Mrs. Clinton won those rather easily! What Russian dropped the ball in those states? What secret Russian agent wasn't told about the vote in those states?..................In conclusion, there is a long history of Democrats’ collusion with the Soviet Union and now Russia......... The Dems need to grow up. More


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