Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spicer, Bannon Critics Okay with Anti-Semitic

By Daniel John Sobieski

It is a rule of thumb in contemporary politics that you should not mention Hitler in any context. Democrats and liberals regularly compare Republicans and conservatives with Nazis, but for the GOP, the MSM will make sure it backfires with round-the-clock selective righteous indignation.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s inarticulate invocation of Hitler in the context of Syrian sarin gas attacks was meant to condemn the use of such weapons, the operative word here, in war against civilian or even military targets. As Spicer meant to say, even the evil Hitler never dropped sarin gas bombs on London. The Nazis feared retaliation in kind. Spicer meant to justify our cruise missile retaliation. Spicer is aware of the Holocaust and he millions who perished in the ovens and the gas chambers and in ghoulish medical experiments. He did not mean to excuse these atrocities, but to condemn the Syrian and Russian version...........More

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