Friday, April 14, 2017

Prof who claimed Jesus' crucifixion didn't happen quits college

A Muslim activist who taught at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida – and was accused by a student of claiming Jesus’ crucifixion never happened – has quit the school.    Areej Zufari made the headlines over the suspension of student Marshal Polston, a 20-year-old Christian who challenged her claims about the historical events surrounding Jesus’ life.

The College Fix reported a statement from Rollins College President Grant Cornwell said Zufari “resigned this semester because of the hateful threats and emails and phones (sic) messages she was getting. I think it’s a terrible injustice but I do respect her decision.”

At Zufari’s instigation, the college suspended Polston with the warning that his “actions” were “a threat of disruption within the operations of the college and jeopardize the safety and well-being of members of the college community and yourself.”....................

The Chronicle of High Education reported “the college now says” that Polston was suspended for comments “on social media to another student,” not over his challenge to Zufari’s religious activism.  Mr. Polston was suspended in connection with ‘vulgar’ and ‘mean-spirited’ comments he had written to another student,” the report said Cornwell explained.  “A lawyer for Mr. Polston said the social-media comments were no more than a joke and that the classroom dispute was the real reason for the suspension,” the report said.......

Polston’s email to the professor revealed many more details, including: “On the one hand you report me to the dean for correcting you while you were indoctrinating students with false information. On the other hand a Muslim student in class cracks a joke about chopping someone’s body parts off and you do nothing.”............Americans Against Hate civil rights organization have revealed a court affidavit that described Zufari as “a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, a violent political movement whose members are sworn to ‘defend Islam’ with their ‘blood.'”............Read more

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