Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Observations From the Back Row

According to the article "sixty-three percent of the students who have died by suicide since the year 2000 have been students of color, and two LBGT students, openly LGBT students, have died by suicide at Columbia in the past three years."  So Columbia has decided these are "marginalized" student groups and this creating a sense of "isolation", and "isolation causes suicide".   So Columbia's answer?  "Columbia recently voted to put several rooms in the student union under the exclusive control of "LGBTQ" students and "students of color." 

So their answer is to isolate these "marginalized" students to prevent feelings of isolation.  Did I understand that properly? 

Is it possible isolation isn't the problem at all?  Isn't it possible all this marginalization has been brought about by leftist social engineering?  There has always been these kinds of social problems, but  liberals have grown and fertilized them so that now they're like weeds popping up everywhere.  We're going to see far more social problems - not less - with these kinds of thnkers in charge of our universites.  We need to stop funding them!

This is followed by, Why Millennials Don't Follow the Liberal Narrative, by John Horvat II who writes:
The standard narrative about today's millennials is that they are unpredictable. They are very fluid and undefined. Despite this changeability, most people automatically assume that millennials are predictably liberal.  The facts, however, tell a different story. Researchers who study the habits and attitudes of millennials do not support this forgone conclusion. Indeed, liberal-minded people are finding these unpredicted results to be unsettling. To liberals, millennials are free to be unpredictable as long as they are not conservative. That is why they are irate when the find millennials holding positions they are not supposed to be holding. On some issues, they are actually more traditional than their parents.
He says Millennials have a tendency to actually be " consistent with what liberals preach but actually don’t practice"....... "a view that all views are equal including the traditional ones."  

He goes on to say:

Millennials (born between 1982 and the early 2000s), hold a surprising set of views as they now finish high school, enter college and form families. According to sociologists Joanna Pepin of the University of Maryland and David Cotter of Union College, graduating seniors today are astonishingly more conservative than former classes.

Conclusion?  They're not buying lock, stock and barrel into leftist narratives, and the left is scared.  As the left's leadership moves farther left - the left will see themselves becoming an old age movement with little support from a generation that as it ages - will become even more conservative. 

See....there has been good news today!

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