Friday, April 14, 2017

“Moderate” Western Muslims Defend Spousal Abuse and Form Sharia “Defense Force” to Police Community

 By Onan Coca April 13, 2017

For several years, we’ve been warning about the insidious spread of Islam throughout the Western world. Not that all Muslims are supportive of violent agendas but that the core teachings of Islam lead down some very dangerous paths.

One major example of this is unfolding in Australia where a group of Western Muslims are pushing an orthodox, yet severe, form of Islam onto the Australian culture. A recent video which was uploaded to Facebook, shows two Muslim explaining why it is okay for a husband to physically discipline his wife........To Read More.....

'Shariah cop' cracks down on Minnesota Muslims Police 'monitor' Abdullah Rashid but don't arrest him
A 22-year-old Muslim convert has been denounced for trying to enforce Shariah law on Somali refugees living in Minneapolis, but he says he’s just trying to be a good Muslim and please Allah.
Abdullah Rashid married a Somali woman and moved from his hometown in Walton County, Georgia, to Wyoming and then on to Minnesota last year. Formerly Devon James Miller, Rashid now dresses in traditional Islamic headdress. But when he isn’t in a turban, he wears a green uniform with a patch marking him as the “religious police.”.........

He assumes Muslims have control over the neighborhood he is patrolling. Abdullah Rashid’s assessment of the situation and his assumption that Muslims have control over those neighborhoods is something that CAIR finds unrealistic,” he said.

“CAIR members strongly disagree with their faithful but naïve Muslim brother, Abdullah Rashid. CAIR is well aware that they have not reached to that point yet. They know how rushing to enforce Shariah will irreparably damage their mission of bringing everyone under the control of Shariah law.”............“The Muslim Brotherhood runs that community, and Rashid is an outsider. That’s what is going on,” he said.

“Law enforcement needs to understand the threat before this situation deteriorates, and they should begin by locking up the terrorist leaders from Hamas doing business as CAIR for being terrorists, and Rashid for imposing foreign law on citizens of Minnesota.”..........Read more

My Take - The problem for western lands is to come to grip with the reality of Islam.  Islam isn't a religion. It's a criminal political movement masquerading as a religion, and needs to be treated accordingly.  This Sharia "police" business is nothing more than a mob like shakedown to force people to abandon their rights and submit to the ravings of criminal fanatics.  And in America they're blatantly forcing American citizens  and those living under American law to abandon their rights as guaranteed under the Constitution.   That has to be stopped and the only way to do it is to declare Islam a criminal terrorist movement.  Demand all Muslims openly declare they've abandoned Islam or leave the country, and enforce it!

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