Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Liberal Stronghold’s Declining Population A Sign of Leftist Mutiny

By Andrew West April 3, 2017

There is a powerful conservative movement currently sweeping the nation, and the globe for that matter, after years of liberal folly in many major locales. The reign of former President Barack Obama is thankfully over. The democratic deity was responsible for some of the most absurd and illogical policy decisions in recent memory, including his unfathomable decree regarding public school restrooms becoming “gender neutral”. Taking his lead, so-called “social justice warriors” struck out on their own, thrashing against normality in ever-more infuriating ways.......... Now, in the newly christened Trump era, we are seeing a great many moves toward true conservatism and libertarianism, not the least of which is being demonstrated by the mass exodus being experienced in The Big Apple................... New York City has been a massive liberal hub for ages, constantly reinventing itself and its fringe cultures to push the boundaries of taste and class............The rest of New York is extremely politically conservative.......To Read More.....

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