Thursday, April 6, 2017

Leftism is a Mental Disorder

Chuck Schumer Forces the Question: What to Do with Insane Liberals? 
Frank Crimi
The initial case for housing progressives in internment camps was floated shortly after Trump's victory by feverish leftist minds convinced that his first presidential act would be to imprison or even kill anyone who stood in the way of his hellacious agenda.  Although President-Elect Trump dismissed the notion, perhaps hopeful that the fire of progressive insanity his election had unleashed would eventually burn itself out, he might be wise to reconsider the idea, as liberal lunacy has gone from flickering to supernova........The latest blast of Democrat dementia came courtesy of Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, whose descent into madness bottomed out in a New York City restaurant after he spied longtime Democratic Party power couple Joseph Califano and his wife Hilary...........Thankfully, the Califanos were able to escape mob violence by their refusal to acknowledge the bug-eyed Schumer – a wise decision, considering the inherent suicidal risks in confronting crazy, even if the loon in question is wearing not a tinfoil hat, but instead the crown of the Democratic Party...........The irony is the cast of this progressive carnival sideshow has called President Trump's mental state into question.........More

Father to Son: Why Democrats act the way they do 
By Sol Schindler
Dad, are all Democrats fools? Of course, all those who take a position opposed to mine are fools. Seriously, Dad, I’ve been watching the confirmation hearings concerning Neil Gorsuch and I don’t know what the Democrats are up to. Gorsuch is an outstanding judge.  He was approved unanimously by the previous Senate for his current position. It is hard to believe he has deteriorated so badly that a Republican Senate would change its mind,  so why are the Democrats trying so hard?  They are digging deep wherever they can, to cast as many aspersions as they can muster and still even with the threats of filibuster cannot realistically expect to defeat the nomination.  Why so much energy expended for a lost cause?..........

Liberal Mom Runs into Pervert in ‘Transgender’ Bathroom
By Robyn Dolgin
Living in an alternate universe where it is increasingly more difficult to make sense of life looking through a PC-lens.  Kristen Quintrall -- a self-identified liberal -- admits her run-in with a pervert in a public restroom made her rethink her position on the whole transgender-bathroom-crusade.  The “horrifying” (her word) incident took place in what should have been a safe place: Disneyland -- “The Happiest Place on Earth,” according to the sign outside of the amusement park in Orange County. Ms. Quintrall recalls she and numerous other mothers were shocked at the site of a “big burly” man entering the crowded restroom, acting very nonchalant about the intrusion. He then proceeded to act like a peeping Tom shamelessly lingering around the stalls -- trying to gape at the sights between the cracks in the doors. Not one mother in the long line uttered a peep (no pun intended). They simply clutched their children closer to their sides, while another mother at the diaper-changing station repositioned her body to shield her infant from the prying eyes of the male intruder...........

A confederacy of leftists
By Alan Wellikoff
To the Democrats, the courts, Congress, and the presidency have constituted institutional versions of that which Lenin famously termed "useful idiots."  Having lost the usefulness of these institutions through the popular will, the party now denigrates them, using a barrage of slanders and abuses against lawful immigration, the presidency (and for the Trump campaign's alleged collusion with the Russians), the current Supreme Court nominee, and the traditions of Congress.  Moreover, having lost these institutions of government, the left's libels regarding them aren't attended by much in the way of dignity nor reason.  Rather, and in the manner of Pelosi and Schumer, they are issued arrogantly or, failing that, angrily.  In instances when made by those who'd don vagina costumes, they are sometimes made gleefully – but always by those who can see only theirs as the One True Ideology and who are therefore openly at odds with tolerance as a cultural or political principle..........

Maxine Waters Is a Hypocrite — For Starters
Reflections on the 25th anniversary of the L.A. Riots. On her best days, Congresswoman Maxine Waters is just a hypocrite. On a normal day, she is a national disgrace. Maxine Waters didn’t hesitate to call the Trump administration “a bunch of scumbags.”    While Congresswoman Maxine Waters can condemn the Trump administration, falsely accuse the CIA of bringing drugs into Los Angeles, and even tell the Tea Party to go “straight to hell,” she refused to condemn the scumbags who killed 55 people and injured 2,000 people during the 1992 L.A. Riots.   Congresswoman Waters at the time said, “If you call it a riot, it sounds like it was just a bunch of crazy people who went out and did bad things for no reason. I maintain it was somewhat understandable, if not acceptable. So I call it a rebellion.”..........

Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice
The dance party’s just begun.  The Resistance might seem far away from some TAS readers’ lives. But in Washington, D.C., large parts of the media and policy intelligentsia do not consider Trump a legitimate president. A former D.C. television producer I know believes assassination is the answer. Civil disturbances and psycho behavior possible only in postmodern America are receiving a pass and often a media blessing.  Do you recall the January 18 Queer Dance Party that showed up at Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s house in Chevy Chase two nights before the inauguration? Maybe not. You won’t find the event covered in the New York Times “This Week in Hate” feature. The Washington Post ran a covertly approving piece. Advocate magazine reported:......


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