Friday, April 7, 2017

IRS seized bank accounts of taxpayers not charged with crimes

By Rick Moran April 6, 2017

More than 90% of actions taken by the IRS under the Bank Secrecy Act were bogus. An inspector general's report shows that the Internal Revenue Service seized the bank accounts of innocent taxpayers who weren't engaged in any criminal activity. The IRS had the legal right "to disrupt and dismantle criminal enterprises," by seizing funds in bank accounts. But the I.G. found more than 90% of actions taken against taxpayers who were supposedly involved in organized criminal activity were erroneous.......More

My Take - It's been clear for decades the IRS is out of control and no matter what restraints are placed on them by Congress they simply ignore those restraints.  There's only one solution.  Repeal the 16th amendment and dismantle the IRS and pass a national sales tax.  There is another partial solution.  Since the IRS is acting like a criminal organization - arrest and prosecute these people under RICO. 

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