Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Gift's That Keep on Giving: Chasing Down Democrat Party Lies!

By Joe Messina April 4, 2017

For a while I was chasing the minute-by-minute, second-by-second propaganda machine and their minions in the Democrat Party. The fake news mill machine was putting out fake titles faster than a BushMaster AR-15 can empty a 30 round magazine of .223’s.

•Trump signs an EO to kill the planet.
•Trump signs an EO to allow killing of hibernating animals in Alaska.
•Trump signs an EO to allow women to get paid less than men.

In the immortal words of Susan Powter, STOP THE INSANITY! ........The Party now rarely uses the words “blue collar worker.” Instead, they are now referred to mostly as “low information voters” or “Middle America.” They are having trouble with their base and it’s sad......Long live Nancy Pelosi comrade!........To Read More....

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