Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Feel the Bern: Venezuela's Breaking Point

By Rich Kozlovich

On April 3, 2017 Geopolitical Futures Allison Fedirka published the article, Venezuela's Breaking Point, Saying: "forces are converging to push the Nicolás Maduro government to the brink.   Geopolitical Futures "predicted the the administration of President Nicolás Maduro in its current form would not survive this year."

However, GF thinks this process has now been sped up by "Venezuela’s Supreme Court published rulings 155 and 156, which removed legislators’ immunity, suspended the National Assembly’s powers, usurped functions normally belonging to the National Assembly, and increased the president’s unilateral powers in certain areas." 

I agree!  After all these years of lawless government actions by these socialist thugs and thieves, Venezuela has no rule of law left, and the unrest stirred up by this is demonstrating just how badly despised this government is by the people.   This was one of the richest countries in South American not that long ago, and then the socialists took over, and now the nation is literally starving to death, and all the institutions needed for a civilized society have collapsed, including their medical facilities. 

Will other political forces come to the fore as the article claims?  Will there even be elections?  If the Supreme Court order stands there will be no elections, but even if there were - there's no political unity between any of the parties, and it would appear the military isn't all that keen on taking over, yet they currently already run "key components of the Venezuelan economy, such as border trade, oil activities and food importation and distribution", and of course there's no corruption there! Right?

Although there are those encouraging junior officers to take a strong political stand, that can't be considered anything but dangerous as that would clearly generate civil war in the military and possibly beyond.  And other potential leaders have their own issues with corruption, including illegal drugs.   Whomever takes over will be dealing with such massive problems it will be a daunting task no one would envy.

As the article points out the "Organization of American States (OAS)"..." has condemned the Maduro government and threatened to suspend Venezuela from the organization."  But that's a paper tiger talking and mostly meaningless.  There's no hope there, but there's also no support for Maduro

The reality is there's no easy answer for transitioning Venezuela's government, and I've two minds on this.  He and his thugs could just walk out of the country with their stolen billions and let anyone who wants to be in charge do so - or - he could fight and have a bloody revolution he will lose where he and his thugs could potentially lose their lives.  I think he'll choose option one.

There's one thing that must be obvious to the most casual observer.  No one can save Venezuela now without American help and support.  They will have to ask - humbly - for a warm American embrace.

That's what will be the game changer for Northern tier South American countries.  The geography of South America makes it extremely difficult to trade with their Southern neighbors and even their Northern tier neighbors. Venezuela doesn't even have a rail system that connects with their Northern tier neighbors.

No matter how much resentment any Venezuelans or other South American countries have over this they need to get this once and for all.  Without American support Venezuela will remain in their socialist inspired and created dystopia for many years, possibly even decades.  That's how badly these socialists have destroyed Venezuela. 

Warmly embracing America is much better than Feeling the Bern!  Get over it!

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