Monday, April 3, 2017

EU Tusk Affair: Poland is No UK

By Anna Wellisz

The unity of V-4 is visibly broken, which strengthens the centralizing forces in the EU and weakens the “less Europe” camp; the Hungary-Poland deal in the EU Parliament to protect each other with vetoes from the bloc’s authoritarian whims is uncertain at best; Poland’s position as a broker in EU-UK divorce negotiations — and the leverage that came with it — is gone; publicly humiliated, the Polish government is weakened at home. Critics are right: heads must roll. High time for real diplomacy — having a strategy and executing it, some behind the scenes and some publicly, without paper trail, and ALWAYS with a plan B handy...........Meanwhile, Poland has to start behaving like a mature and independent country, act with calm dignity instead of desperation, and have a — gasp! — grand strategy and implement it with patience and self-discipline. Why not try competent execution and political efficacy instead of impotent and infantile self-indulgence?..............

The new generation in Poland is absolutely worth watching – it is they, contrary to the popular narrative, and not the retirees, who swayed the last electoral cycle: the young, who don’t watch traditional TV, get their news from independent web outlets, and remain impervious to the charms of the internationalist cabal’s siren calls...........Read More

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