Monday, April 3, 2017

EU Institutions vs. Democracy

By Marek Jan Chodakiewicz

The Eurocrats no longer pretend that democratic legitimacy is necessary. It is enough that the club outvotes the people, who remain disenfranchised on the sidelines. In this manner, the Tusk affair sheds perfect light on the inner machinations of the European Union..........Representatives of twenty-seven EU countries voted for the reelection of Donald Tusk to the European Council against the express wishes of the country he was supposed to represent: Poland. But, it is now obvious, he does not represent his country of origin..........This prompts a question: who nominated Tusk? No-one really knows..........A bit of explaining is due because of the twisted Byzantine nature of the institutions afflicting Europe. The European Council (EC) is neither the Council of Europe (CE) nor the Council of the European Union (CEU) nor the European Commission (EComm). None should be confused with the European Parliament (EP). Each body is relevant to the story, however, directly or indirectly, and, thus, each demands our scrutiny. Each body overlaps with the others to an extent. They support one another. And, indeed, they feed off each other in a variety of ways, reinforcing the “European project,” which is hostile to sovereignty and nationalism........Read More

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