Monday, April 3, 2017

Disgrace at the Naval Academy

Imagine you are a young midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy processing the news that Jim Webb—Annapolis class of '68, recipient of the Navy Cross, former senator and secretary of the Navy, former member of the Annapolis faculty, bestselling novelist and acclaimed journalist—has been forced by political pressure to decline an award for distinguished alumni at your school this week.

The most widely cited reason for his political toxicity is an article he wrote in 1979 (side note: almost forty years ago!) in Washingtonian Magazine entitled "Women Can't Fight." Never mind that he has apologized for both the vivid language of his youth and the ways in which the article made life difficult for women already in the service......To Read More...

My Take - I don't think he deserves an award either - but not for his article - for apologizing for it.  Time has shown this insane idea women are as fit or as capable in combat as men is just one more leftist myth.  In point of fact - that's biologically impossible, and in spite of any efforts to ameliorate that will not work over the long haul and women's bodies can't take the abuse as long or as well as do men's bodies, and even extra training will not make up that difference in the long haul.  And no matter what's claimed it's been found standards were always lowered to meet political expectations, "whereas men consistently were held to the strict standards outlined in the Ranger School’s Standing Operating Procedures handbook sources say, the women were allowed lighter duties and exceptions to policy."

Well, that's what happens when a hero becomes a politician, especially if he's a Democrat or a closet Democrat like RINO John McCain. 

Having once been a hero doesn't give you a pass on the rest of life.  For him to buckle on this demonstrates that courage - or lack thereof - takes on many forms, and the leadership at the Naval Academy is just as contemptible for allowing this to happen.  But this isn't entirely unexpected after Obama eliminated the real warriors in the U.S. military and replaced them with self serving PC butt kissers. 

This is the swamp Trump really needs to drain.  No guts, no glory!

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