Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dem congressman accuses Walter Reed Medical Center of racism

By Kyle Olson March 30, 2017

During a Democrat-only hearing on Thursday with NFL players about improving relations with police, Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson accused security personnel at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center of racism. He said, “The issue of relations between the police and African-Americans is something that we as African-Americans have to live with every day.” During an opening statement, Johnson recounted an incident he said happened in early March............ “I had a little incident at the gate with a 20 — that guy’s probably about 23 years old. A hot firecracker in terms of how he wanted to talk to me and how he approached me in a threatening way in a threatening voice,” Johnson said.....To Read More....

My Take - I don't know what actually happened there - if anything happened at all - but with Johnson - his credibility is sorely wanting. This is the guy who was concerned Guam would tip into the ocean if there were too many troops assigned there.

Of course he and his supporters claimed he was joking.  Joking?  Really?  Below are some  of his "interesting" comments.  Definitely qualified to be a member in good standing of the Club For the Galacticly Stupid.  If this guy is the best his district has to offer - just how bright are his constituents since they keep electing him? But he succeeded be that lunatic Cynthia McKinney.  Doesn't say much for that district in Georgia.

In all fairness he claims to have been afflicted with Hepatitis C (HCV) for over a decade, which resulted in slow speech and a tendency to regularly get "lost in thought in the middle of a discussion".

What really amazes me is he "was named the 18th most effective Democrat in the 112th Congress [out of 204 Democratic members] according to a new study by Vanderbilt University and the University"  Well, he was competeing with Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.  Hmmmmm,......I wonder where they landed? 

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