Friday, April 14, 2017

City Council Winner Took Part In Violent Armed Robberies; Declared That She Is A Racist

The Chattanoogan Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A City Council winner in the Tuesday runoff election was involved in violent armed robberies in 2001 and 2002 and more recently declared herself to be "a racist." Election officials said Demetrus "Meechie" Coonrod was cleared to run for city office after earlier going to court and getting her voting rights restored and then this year getting her citizenship rights restored by Circuit Court Judge J.B. Bennett. Sherri Sivley at the election office said, "She was cleared to run with us. Whether there is something in the city charter than prevents felons from serving in office is another matter." City spokesperson Marissa Bell, asked if the city charter forbids a person with a felony record to hold public office, sent a link to the whole city charter to ......To Read More....

My Take -   You have to read the whole article to see just  how outrageous this is.  Her history as a human being is contemptible, having criminal activity including armed robbery, assault, child abuse, disorderly conduct, passing bad checks, served a prison sentence and while in a half way house was totally unruly (make sure to read all of this) and was eventually dropped from the program because she was in effect a vile profane, sneaky, scamming out of control monster, and yet she eventually served as Vice Chairman of the Hamiton Country Democratic party.

If you take a look at Democratic controlled inner cities in the country you find their ruling over massive social problems filled with crime, which they rearly make better and often make worse by excusing bad personal behavior as societies fault, as they are in this article for this woman.

Chattanooga seems no exception. It seems like they could have found a better candidate.  Or are they trying to tell us this is the best her community has to offer?  What is the example this community is setting for the younger gerneration?  That being an unashamed belligerent, and being filled with hate is acceptable?   That criminality and bigotry are considered assets as long as you belong to a politically correct demographic?  Yes!  Because this is the modern day democrat party

The claim is she served her time and was eligible.  This of course implies she's a reformed person and therefore she deserved a new start.  Hogwash...even if this woman has totally reformed you don't elect someone to a leadership position with this kind of history.  Convicted felons have restrictions as a protection for society and a warming to others.  Irresponsible behavior carries penalties and the more severe the behavior the more severe the penalty.   If she wants to serve there are plenty of ways to serve the community without being an elected official. 

I would love to follow this story because it's my belief she will be right back to were she was before - a scheming, sneaky, scamming out of control monster.....with some degree of power.....and woe be unto anyone who stands in her way. 

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