Thursday, October 27, 2016

American Thinker: My Picks

The Left in Power: Clinton to Obama
The progressive goal is to achieve a new society that has never been seen before in this country, though it has been promised and has catastrophically failed in many places around the globe.
The Left's Lie: No One Gives a Damn about Blue Lives
Recent attacks on police in the last few months by shooters who boldly proclaim they “want to kill police officers” clearly show the need for a Blue Lives Matter campaign.
Netflix’s Luke Cage Is the Reply to #BlackLivesMatter 'Anarchtivism' 
The new Netflix superhero series Luke Cage utterly contradicts the #BlackLivesMatter movement’s calls for violence
The Dissolution of American Culture 
The transformation of American music naturally coincides with the transformation of American traditions on every level. 
How and why election 2016 is rigged
A few examples, plus an explanation of how all this rigging benefits the Dems.
Megyn Kelly Deserved Newt Gingrich's Smackdown
Kelly, along with other mainstream media talking heads, has been beating the Trump “Access Hollywood” tape into the ground while reciting the Clinton mantra that Bill’s sexual assaults were irrelevant....... In my home, The Kelly File now is assigned to the "Circular File."
The "superstar" anchor's fiery exchange with Newt Gingrich underlines the fungibility of Fox News hosts.......
Some think 1.5 billion American taxpayer dollars is not enough.

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