Tuesday, September 27, 2016

American Council on Science and Health

Scrotox: An Idea That is Just Nuts
Of all the cosmetic penile procedures that stick out, perhaps none can elicit as much of a response as the new kid on the block — Botox injections into the scrotum for the sole purpose of whipping gravity. Yep, if you want help with your dangling participles, fear not, you are no longer in a pickle.

Hospice Deaths Are Increasing; That's Probably a Good Thing
We all have to die. Those of us who process that reality ahead of time might be lucky enough to have a small say over the time and location of our unavoidable demise. And in the process, we may help society as a whole come to terms with death. That is why we applaud the increase in deaths that are occurring at hospices. 

Of Questionable Evidentiary Weight' -- Another Nail in IARC's Glyphosate Coffin
There was a time when the International Agency for Research on Cancer did fine work, separating health threats from health scares. Yet today IARC claims hot water and bacon causes cancer. What went wrong? Frankly, officials ran out of cancer-causing agents so they started inventing them. Now comes this glyphosate fiasco, in which a key paper cited was nothing but junk science.

US News Tackles the War on Fun & Other Ways Media Linked to us Last Week
Some of the top health stories making news over the last 48 hours.

Women Beware: Some Drugs Impact Emergency Contraception
A warning just published by the British Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency alerts women and their healthcare providers that some medications and herbal preparations can interfere with the efficacy of emergency contraceptive pills.

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