Saturday, July 30, 2016

American Thinker

Lockdown: A Teacher's Thoughts Mary Anne MarcellaThe "gun violence" and Sandy Hook speakers at the Democrat Convention reminded me of a recent event that took place in my own school. More

Since when does the American left believe America is great? The left has never held the United States and its core institutions in high regard...except when the cameras are focused on the convention. More

Only a Democrat could believe Hillary - Who else could get through the gibberish in her convention speech? More

PC and 'taco bowl outreach' - We are now living in a culture where people are literally afraid of saying something about a person of a different race for fear of being called a racist.  More

How many times did Obama refer to himself while praising Hillary at the DNC? - Skilled Obama watchers know that the real subject of any Obama speech is his own magnificence. More

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