Friday, September 28, 2012

Well, It's Friday Again, and My Browns Lost!

Well, it’s Friday again and the weekend is upon us and my Browns lost Thursday with wide receivers who are now, and have been forever afflicted, with ‘hands of stone’, a quarter back that isn’t very good, but deserved better than he got, and a management coaching staff that is seriously questionable.  It is week four of the NFL season, and the game is in the record books.  We lost.  I am afraid that twelve weeks from now I may never have never had the privilege of saying….We won!  
Next Tuesday I see my new doctor who will make arrangements to replace my knees.  I am actually looking forward to it.  The pain I have experienced this last year and a half has been quite remarkable.  I did get a bit tired of it, especially during those 10 to 12 hour days in the spring and early summer. 
 This week the top ten countries that have been the source of the most hits are United States, Germany, Russia, France, Bulgaria, Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, Ukraine, China. 
Mainland China has been in the top ten on some days, which is surprising because I almost never had hits from there before this summer.  Bulgaria has been hitting Paradigms and Demographics a great deal and has been in the top ten a number of weeks and in the top ten on some months.  Japan comes and goes in spurts.  I believe most of those hits were as a result of solar energy posts.  As for the posts; I keep being amazed at the “Observations From the Back Row: 9-1-11” post.  That one has been in the top ten ever since I posted it. 
The top ten all time posts are listed on the right of this blog.  I am working on two projects this weekend dealing with articles that appeared in Pest Control Technology regarding Silent Spring and a more complicated commentary….or commentaries (this one is more difficult) regarding U.N. efforts to control chemical production and use worldwide. 
I am also working on a commentary about what position our national association should take regarding the EPA and their insane drive to regulate everything….far beyond the mandate intended by Congress.  Most of the legislative authority expressed by the EPA has been as a result of court cases where the EPA has clearly been complicit with the green movement to gain power through these decisions.  However, I don’t need that commentary until I have time off for surgery.  I will also attempt to organize the book I am working on; Going Green – Going Insane!
Here are the top ten posts for this week. 
Have a good weekend and best wishes to all,
Rich Kozlovich

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