Friday, September 28, 2012

Stimulated Algae: Slime Blooms in Reflecting Pool After Feds Spend $34M to 'Improve Quality and Appearance of the Water'

Massive quantities of algae are now blooming in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, where the federal government has just spent $34 million in stimulus money to make the pool "sustainable" and "improve the quality and appearance of the water."  "Action is needed at this time to address substantial repairs and structural deficiencies at the Reflecting Pool," said an environmental assessment published by the Department of Interior in 2009……Now, just a month after the project was completed, the National Park Service says it is adjusting ozone levels to try to kill an unsightly algae bloom that has occurred in the new environmentally friendly reflecting pool.  "We did not expect this magnitude of algae but we’re now dealing with it,” said Carol Johnson, an NPS spokesperson.  To Read More…….

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