Monday, September 24, 2012

My Browns, Week 3

By Rich Kozlovich
Well, it was week three and this game is in the record books.  We lost!  Last week gave me some glimmers of hope that we were going to win some games.  After this performance and three weeks of film for the rest of the teams to study I will be glad if we win one game.  It still comes down to the same problems we have been having for years.  An improving but weak line, which was exposed by the Bills defensive line; a weak receiving corp that doesn’t seem to know where to go, what to do, or how to get free; defensive backs that are clearly outclassed by our opponents; and a quarter back that cannot deliver!  It is clear that Weeden is never going to have the touch for long passes down field and clearly doesn’t have spatial intelligence to see the field and analyze were everyone is and will be.  Rocket arm with little field sense.  He’s toast.  I dread next week against the Ravens. 
I still have to come back to the coach.  He picked all of these people....he and Mike Holmgren....and I am wondering what is wrong with their ability to see these things in advance.  I believe this is a problem throughout the league....after all....Both Brady and Warner were backups until everyone got hurt and demonstrated just how superior they were to the handpicked starters.  How is it that no one noticed their patently obvious superior skills? 
I am wondering if perhaps Holmgren is overrated, and Shurmur may be one of those great assistant coaches that cannot make the transition to head coach.   Either all falls back on Holmgren.  I will say that I think we are going to see a complete change in staff by the end of the season.  Do we have a serious lack of leadership and ability.....I don't know, but this is becoming embarrassing. 


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