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Jack Kelly’s Half Full Report

Jack Kelly’s To The Point News Report for September 21st 2012

In politics, the truth matters only to the extent to which it influences what people think is the truth. Truth doesn’t matter much if people aren’t told it; have no means of learning it, or are unwilling to accept it.

President Barack Obama couldn’t run on his record, as incumbents customarily do, Team Obama decided early on. They had to make the campaign about Mitt Romney. More than $240 million has been spent so far on ads attacking him.

If you believe the polls (for the last two weeks I’ve given you reasons why you should be skeptical), this strategy appears to be working – thanks to massive, unprecedented, mind-boggling media mendacity. Compared to what’s happening to Mitt, Sarah Palin was treated gently and fairly.

The result has been an Obama lead (if you believe the Dems will have a turnout advantage this year greater than what they had in 2008), or a race within the margin of error. Conservatives have been taking out their frustration on Mitt Romney. When journalists declared his comments about welfare dependency a career ending gaffe, some conservatives joined in the criticism. But it isn’t Romney’s fault that liberal journalists have no integrity.

* * * * *

None of President Obama’s big policies in the Middle East have worked out as he hoped, said . Walter Russell Mead.

Ya think?

“The notion that the United States can lead from behind is pitiful, the sorry concoction of an Obama administration that mistakes dulcet passivity for a foreign policy,” said liberal Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen.
* * * * *
The war in Afghanistan ended this week. We lost.

* * * * *

Barack Obama has done so many despicable things it’s hard to be outraged by them all. But I never thought I’d see the day when an American president would sic the cops on a film-maker on behalf of the murderous Islamist swine. Bill Whittle speaks for me here.

There was more security around Nakoula Basseley, a Coptic Christian émigré from Egypt, in Los Angeles than Ambassador Stevens had in Benghazi, Mark Steyn noted.

* * * *
Obama is surging, Democrats are closing the intensity gap, Oceana has always been at war with Eastasia. Unprecedented media mendacity will make this election closer than it should be. But when you cut through the propaganda, the signs still point to a Romney win. Read more ...


Dr. Jack Wheeler  Behind The Lines Friday, 21 September 2012 I'm in a place so bizarre that one of the folks I'm with describes being here as an out-of-body experience.  The internet is not allowed for anyone in the country (save for the ruling elite), and we are not allowed to have cell phones - so we are simply cut off from the rest of the world.

Yesterday (9/20), I ran into a British guy who had just arrived.  Any news about the US? I asked.  "This tremendous scandal of Romney's has exploded," he replied.  I sighed.  He explained: "He was caught on a secret video telling a group in Florida that 47% of voters think they are ‘victims' who the government has to take care of, so they will vote for Obama no matter what."

I was befuddled.  "Why is that a scandal?  That's the plain truth," I stammered.  He shook his head.  "Your press doesn't think so.  All your papers and television are treating his words as so outrageous that his campaign may be dead, that Obama's reelection is now assured."

With that, I realized that my own country is on its way to becoming as crazy as the one I'm in.  Call it an out-of-country experience.  So I wrote this up, put it on a thumb drive, am giving it to a friend who's leaving today and will email it to Miko for posting on TTP.  Hope this works, as I'll be here until the end of the month and you won't hear from me again until then.
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Jack Kelly Friday, 21 September 2012

It’s like a cat with 9 lives, or a zombie, liberal journalists must think. They keep declaring the Romney campaign dead -- most recently on Tuesday (9/18), when Mother Jones made public a video of Mr. Romney speaking at a closed door fund-raiser in May.

Yet yesterday (9/20) the race was tied at 47 percent, according to Gallup’s tracking poll. Eight days earlier (9/12), President Barack Obama led, 50-44.

What was Mr. Romney’s “monumental gaffe?” Read more ...   

John Arceri  
Guest Authors Thursday, 20 September 2012
"It's unbelievable," said an unemployed waitress. "How can Obama be leading in the polls and likely to win enough electoral votes for a second term despite the worst economic performance by any President in the past 100 years?"

"It's downright frightening," said A small business owner. "What is the real plan that Obama and the Democrats have for their ‘transformation of America' and, more importantly, how are they going to achieve that plan and how will it affect my business and my family?"

The answers to these critical questions is clear. There is enough evidence, both direct and circumstantial, to provide reasonable answers. Yet, the reasons for Obama's showing in the polls and his transforming plan are kept masked by a media and a public who is seduced by the silver-tongued politician.

Obama's ability to mask his intentions produces an almost opium-like effect. That mask, however, will be removed once re-elected and America will, more clearly than ever, see and feel the impacts of the ‘plan'.  Here is that unbelievable, frightening plan to transform America.
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 Jack Kelly  
Kelly's Panorama Thursday, 20 September 2012

He would practice “smart diplomacy,” Barack Obama said.  He would reach out to America’s critics and adversaries, and -- through appeasement, flattery and his personal charm -- get them to modify their behavior.
“The day I’m inaugurated, Muslim hostility will ease,” Sen. Obama told New Hampshire Public Radio.

The Obama administration made no discernible effort to distinguish between Islamists -- who want to establish a world-wide Caliphate governed by Islamic law, in which non-Muslims would be forcibly converted, enslaved, or killed -- and Muslims who think religious tolerance is no threat to Islam.

The administration was caught flat-footed when “smart” diplomacy imploded on 9/11/2012. It shouldn’t have been.  The attacks were planned long in advance, for reasons other than ire over a YouTube video mocking the Prophet Muhammad, said Libyan and Egyptian officials, diplomats and intelligence experts in Europe and America. If Mr. Obama hadn’t skipped most of his daily intelligence briefings, he might not have been so surprised.

Democrats thought foreign policy would be an advantage for them.  Now it appears the only thing that could make Clint Eastwood’s skit at the GOP convention more apt is if he’d draped an empty suit over the empty chair. Read more ...

Joe Katzman  
Weekly Mind Food Thursday, 20 September 2012

Weekly Mind Food aims to show you what TTPers without a regular column, but with deep expertise in key fields, are paying attention to. We call ourselves TTP's Team B. Note the "Weekly Mind Food" category in the left side-bar now, which will have all our issues. They're Free Access, as are all the linked articles, so feel free to read them at your leisure - and to mail the article's URL to your friends!

Paul (internet tech, privacy, economics). Citizen K (hydrocarbon industry), and "devry" (online security, economics, Personal Plan B) are aboard. We also congratulate TTPers brenz90, dougk, edd7, and hardcharger for freelance link suggestions that met the test.
This week's Polis looks at polls and the media, and wonders about the TSA. Economos has some pretty important links for you, while Techne Logos looks hard at Facebook. Stratiootika covers the Mideast and China, and we add some resources at the end to help keep you sane through election season. As you can see around the world, a lot of your compatriots could use similar help right now. Read more for free...  
 Richard Rahn  
Rahn on Econ101
Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Economic freedom in the US is dropping fast.  The annual Economic Freedom of the World report, including an index of country rankings, has just been released, and it should be a wake-up call. The United States was known as the bastion of economic freedom for more than two centuries, and it was because of its economic freedom that the nation became the pre-eminent economic power.

 However, in just a few short years, the U.S. has fallen from No. 3 in 2000 (behind the city-states of Hong Kong and Singapore) to No. 8 in 2005 and to No. 18 in 2010, the last year for which complete statistics are available. Worse yet, the U.S. decline continues, and in next year's ranking, it is almost certain to be lower.

A few facts will help illustrate why economic freedom is so important.
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Jack Kelly
 Kelly's Panorama Monday, 17 September 2012

The attack on our consulate in Benghazi was a well organized, two part operation that used civilians protesting the video as cover, said Wanis el-Sharef, deputy interior minister for eastern Libya Thursday (9/13).

“It was planned, definitely,” Libyan President Mohamed Yousef El-Magariaf told Bob Schieffer of CBS Sunday.  “It was planned by foreigners, by people who entered the country a few months ago.”

But on Friday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said: “This is not a case of protests directed at the United States, writ large, or at U.S. policy. This is in response to a video that is offensive and – to Muslims.”

“This was not a pre-planned, pre-meditated attack,” UN Ambassador Susan Rice said Sunday.  “What happened initially was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in Cairo as a consequence of the video."

Why did Ms. Rice and Mr. Carney say what so obviously is false?
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