Tuesday, September 25, 2012

From the Independent Institute

1) Personalized Medicine vs. Obamacare

A host of breakthroughs in biomedical technology unveils the amazing potential of personalized medicine: Jewelry that monitors blood glucose levels and scores of other biomarkers. Genetic tests that accurately determine which treatments work best for your situation. Drugs that deactivate the protein that has been feeding your cancer. It’s easy to get excited about these and other cutting-edge innovations. Yet White House health adviser Ezekiel Emanuel’s a professor of medical ethics at the University of Pennsylvania who trained in oncology—says the enthusiasm for personalized medicine is overly optimistic and cost-prohibitive. In recent op-eds for Forbes, Independent Institute Research Fellow
John C. Goodman tries to make sense of Emanuel’s negativity. READ MORE

Personalized Healthcare Choice vs. Government Mandated Obamacare, Part 1, by John C. Goodman (Forbes, 9/18/12)
Can Personalized Healthcare Survive Obamacare’s Medicine Assembly Line?, by John Goodman (Forbes, 9/20/12)
Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis, by John C. Goodman
Event: “Replacing Obamacare and Curing the Healthcare Crisis,” featuring John C. Goodman (Oakland, Calif, Thurs., 10/4/12)

2) U.S. Drops in Economic Freedom Ranking

A new study that ranks countries according to their level of economic freedom sheds light on why the U.S. economic recovery has been weak: It concludes that economic freedom in the United States has plunged over the past decade, moving it from 2nd place in international rankings to 18th place in 2010, the latest year for which data are available. If the rate of decline has not changed since then, the United States may now rank 40th in economic freedom--broadly defined as a mix of secure property rights, minimal bureaucratic red tape for capital formation and job creation, and other factors that affect wealth creation. A change in ranking this large has significant effects for output and job growth, according to
Benjamin Powell, a senior fellow at the Independent Institute. READ MORE

U.S. Economic Freedom Plunges, by Benjamin Powell (Huffington Post, 9/19/12)
Making Poor Nations Rich: Entrepreneurship and the Process of Economic Development, edited by Benjamin Powell

3) Anti-U.S. Violence in the Islamic World

The Internet video “Innocence of Muslims”
was merely the spark that ignited the recent anti-American protests across the Islamic world. The underlying cause of the violence
is prolonged anger over “U.S. and Western meddling in Islamic lands and culture,”  Ivan Eland, director of the Independent Institute’s Center on Peace & Liberty, writes in his latest op-ed. Eland warns that unless American leaders honestly confront the problem of blowback from foreign-policy interventions, the United States will become more involved in the Syrian civil war and thereby worsen the risk of more anti-American violence. READ MORE

Anti-American Violence Should Provoke Rethink, by Ivan Eland (9/18/12)
No War for Oil: U.S. Dependency and the Middle East, by Ivan Eland

4) Promote Liberty by Reforming Higher Education?

Liberty-minded philanthropists have managed to foster a vibrant network of scholars and organizations engaged in advancing the ideals of a free society. Some donors who have underwritten the liberty movement have also attempted to make colleges and universities across the United States more conducive to the spread of these ideals, but their efforts have been largely unsuccessful, as
Lenore T. Ealy explains in “Investing in the Ideas of Liberty: Reflections on the Philanthropic Enterprise in Higher Education,”
her cover article in the fall 2012 issue of The Independent Review. READ MORE

Investing in the Ideas of Liberty: Reflections on the Philanthropic Enterprise in Higher Education, by Lenore T. Ealy (The Independent Review, Fall 2012)
The Independent Review (Fall 2012)

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