Saturday, September 22, 2012

Junk Science Is Worse For Your Health Than Egg Yolks

We all know that eggs contain a lot of fat and cholesterol. While that does not make them “bad,” most of us realize that if you eat eggs or any other food to excess you will likely suffer some negative health effects. But are egg yolks as bad as cigarettes for heart health? That’s question that’s been making headlines in recent months after the publication of a study that asserts this idea. Unfortunately, most of journalists reporting on the story did not bother to actually read the paper, which has major flaws that cast serious doubt on the conclusion — something the authors of the paper note when they call for further study into their hypothesis.  Yet the presses roll on, leading a lot of readers to question whether or not they should change their diet based on what seems like new data. Even more worrying than individuals altering their eating habits is the likelihood that politicians could use this study as justification for any number of hare-brained schemes to improve the health of Americans………..As “diet guru” Zoë Harcombe noted: For this study to suggest an association between egg yolks and carotid plaque (which is analogous for heart disease in effect in the article) there needs to be a plausible mechanism. Interestingly the study has ruled out cholesterol as a mechanism. Hence the conventional view that cholesterol is ‘clogging up arteries’ cannot be used because no association with cholesterol holds....(To Continue Reading)

Editor’s Note:  For those of you who have been reading Paradigms and Demographics you will recognize the problem here as you continue reading this article.  The next quote demonstrates that “everything we are told should bear some resemblance to what we see going on in reality”. There is one more thing that I think is important to pay attention to, and that is the statement about “mechanisms”.  In order to round out the circle of what is “science”, there needs to be an understanding as to how it works.  What is the biological mechanism that makes something happen? If that isn’t discovered then there is a major gap in understanding, and therefore much of what is being said can be guess work, data dredging or meta analysis, or even outright lies.  All of which allows for activists to promote anything they are inclined to promote….valid or not.   


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