Monday, August 20, 2012

Front Page Today

By Bruce Thornton
And silence from the Obama administration
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By Jacob Laksin
Putin wins.
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By Matthew Vadum
The Southern Poverty Law Center's well-funded mission to delegitimize conservative voices
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By Spyridon Mitsotakis
How the Communist Party exploited and led African-Americans to the slaughter.
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By Caroline Glick
The Obama administration treats Morsy's totalitarian moves as positive developments.
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By Bruce Bawer
"We don't want to live together with filthy beasts like you."
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Nonie Darwish, Susanne Reyto and Shari Goodman point to the ongoing twisted hypocrisy in our media
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By Joseph Klein
The man replacing Kofi Annan -- and the skeletons in his closet
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By Frank Crimi
Are human rights advocates finally taking notice?
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