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This Week With Alan Caruba

Let’s Start With Alan’s Cartoon Roundup

FDR's Last Election, Then and Now
The most effective term limit for a President is to be defeated after his first term in office, if necessary, to deny him the opportunity to wreak further havoc on the nation. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected four times, starting in 1932 and ending in 1944. The twenty-second Amendment to the Constitution became law in 1951, limiting future Presidents to two terms, a tradition that had begun with George Washington….. Nearly seventy years ago, Americans were both alike and very different from those today. The era of Big Government that FDR ushered in during the course of the Great Depression is now one in which the government’s huge debt and deficit, and the flagging economy are issues that will likely decide the outcome of the elections in November 2012.

Having imposed term limits on the presidency, the time is long overdue for term limits on members of Congress as well. They are, however, not likely to vote themselves out of office. That remains the job of the American voter.

Tom DeWeese, Patriot
For about ten years I served as the communications director of the American Policy Center, founded in 1986 and led by Tom DeWeese. Essentially my job was to disseminate news of the Center’s activities and Tom’s commentaries on events and trends. Tom is a likeable fellow, but also intense. There is no room in his world for those individuals and groups that would threaten our freedoms. That’s why we are so “simpatico” as my Italian grandparents would say. I remain an “advisor” to the Center; something I regard as an honor. I serve in this capacity for other similar groups

Caruba Under Attack by SPLC
In today's edition of Solon.Com, my commentary about the Oathkeepers evoked an attack by someone writing on behalf of the Southern Poverty Law Center where the article originally appeared. Also included in the attack is the American Policy Center and my longtime friend, Tom DeWeese, its founder.

By happenstance, not planning, I have a commentary about the Center and DeWeese, also under attack by the SPLC, that will be posted here later today. It was written over the weekend.

The SPLC article asserts that I am the communications director for the American Policy Center. This is wrong. I served in that capacity for about ten years until 2004. I continue to be an advisor to the Center.

Also under attack in the article, Tea Party Nation, a social network site to which I contribute my commentaries. Apparently the SPLC has a problem with any group or organization that seeks to protect the Constitution and the nation "from all enemies foreign and domestic."

Smooth Talker
Speaking in Poland, Ohio on April 6, President Obama said “The stakes could not be bigger” regarding the forthcoming election, adding that “The choice between visions on how this nation moves forward” is the critical issue. He’s right, but he has a problem. The nation has not moved forward now for some 41 months, stuck at the artificial 8.2% unemployment rate when everyone knows it is far higher, particularly for young people (12.1%), for Blacks (14.4%) and Hispanics (11%). So why would they ever vote for him? If the polls are correct, they will. On the same day, Rasmussen Reports announced their polling showed that, so far as the economy was concerned, “ratings for the president’s performance in that area are at their lowest level since last November.” A national telephone survey “shows just 31% of Likely Voters believe President Obama is doing a good or excellent job handling economic issues, including 12% who say he is doing an excellent job.”

The Veep Stakes
Having secured enough of the Republican delegates to their forthcoming convention, Mitt Romney has smoothly and effectively locked up the nomination to oppose Barack Obama. It is easy to forget how many candidates he had to defeat in primaries around the nation. Dick Morris, a Fox News political analyst, is on record saying he believes Romney will win in a landslide. Obama’s poll numbers regarding performance have been poor for months now and recent events such as the Supreme Court decisions regarding the Arizona immigration law and the court’s conclusion that Obamacare is a constitutional TAX have surely undermined any question of Obama’s integrity.

The Oathkeepers
I regard the next four months between now and the election to be the most dangerous that the nation has faced since the months before the outbreak of the Civil War. I am concerned that President Obama, who has already declared “a state of emergency” in a recent Executive Order, will attempt to assert dictatorial powers and require U.S. military and law enforcement authorities to enforce them You don’t get to be a general by saying no to the Commander-in-Chief. Witness the way “Don’t ask, don’t tell” was thrown under the bus by the most gay-friendly president in history. Then there’s the idiotic push to power naval ships with biofuels. The Fort Hood murders required a lot of officers to ignore the obvious. Et cetera. My normal response to conspiracy theories is to dismiss them until I can find sufficient cause to give them credence. That said—President Obama is unlike any previous president this nation has ever had.


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